About Bridgeline Holdings, L.P.


Bridgeline Holdings, L.P. (“Bridgeline”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of EnLink Midstream Operating, LP (“EnLink”). Bridgeline owns and operates a natural gas pipeline system in Louisiana that provides both intrastate transportation service and storage within Louisiana and interstate transportation service that is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The Bridgeline pipeline and storage facilities are located in southern Louisiana and serve the Mississippi River industrial, utility, power generation, and LDC marketplace between Baton Rouge, Louisiana and New Orleans, Louisiana.


With more than 1,000 miles of pipeline, over 12.7 billion cubic feet (BCF) of salt dome storage capacity and 37,500 horsepower of compression, Bridgeline provides a diversified natural gas supply portfolio and transportation and storage services to the South Louisiana marketplace. Bridgeline has both high-pressure and intermediate-pressure operating capabilities, which enable Bridgeline to provide full-service access to the interstate pipeline grid in South Louisiana and at the Henry Hub. Within near proximity of several sited LNG terminals, Bridgeline is well positioned to play a key role in this rapidly developing marketplace.

Bridgeline’s integrated assets provide significant hydraulic capabilities to meet the demand needs of its customers, securing the standard in reliability and supply diversity in this highly competitive corridor. Bridgeline’s core focus of capability centers on gas transportation and storage services, which services are all managed and controlled with state-of-the-art pipeline control and business management systems. Working closely with our long-standing customer base of suppliers, markets, and third party party shippers, Bridgeline is able to provide a full suite of transportation and storage services to meet the needs of this significant natural gas marketplace.

Description Bridgeline Holdings, L.P.
Miles of Pipe
Pipeline Capacity Absolute Maximum
Bcf/d Operating Maximum
1.4 Bcf/d
Storage Capacity Working Gas
Bcf Maximum Withdrawal
Bcf/d Maximum Injection
520 MMcf/d
Installed Horsepower
Pipeline Interconnections (3rd Party)